On The Write Page At Last- Page 7-10!!!!

June 15, 2010

        Page 7 has arrived at last. Get your shoes on and get ready! What do shoes have to do with the book? Absolutely nothing!

        “C’mon!” she said running to the stairs once again. Alex followed trying to keep up by sliding down the spiraling railing of the staircase.

        “So what should we eat?” Amy asked almost jumping with new energy.

        “Umm… how about your famous Italian pepperonia pizza followed by some pocky?” Alex said grinning.

        “Sounds good!” she said agreeing with the decision. While the pizza was in the oven being baked and heated Amy poured up some Dr. Pepper into two large glasses only used for special occasions and Alex took a seat.

        The pizza still had some time on it so Amy ran up to her room quickly and picked up a box off of her dresser and brought it down. She sat it on the table and went into the kitchen to check up on the pizza.

        Alex absolutely loved pocky. It was a Japanese candy similar to an edible stick of chocolate. It came in different flavors, but both Amy and Alex preferred te chocolate flavor over other available flavors.

        Alex reached for the box and out of nowhere Amy slapped his hand and giggled. He pulled his hand back and set it in his lap. He looked at her questioningly even though he knew what her reply would be.

        “Not until you eat, silly!” Amy said running back into the kitchen after hearing the “ting!” of the oven. The plates were too hot to handle so she went to a drawer and retrieved some oven mittens. As she did so, Alex once more reached for the box longingly, hoping to get at least one piece.

        “Stop!” Amy said walking to the oven without even looking. She was almost too good. Alex quickly pulled back his hands retreating from the small box. Amy pulled out the hot, steamy pepperoni pizza slices and brought them to the table setting them on a glass trivet so it wouldn’t burn the table.

        Just looking at the pizza slices on his plate made his mouth water. It was then that Alex noticed just how truly hungry he was. She gave him his plate and he inhaled the wonderful aroma. He eagerly began to eat. In between bites they conversed.

        “Wow!” Alex said eating, “This is really great!”

“Of course it it. I am me after all,” she smiled.

        “You’re lucky, you get to eat this as often as you want!” Alex said almost convincing himself that he was jealous.

        “Yep!” she said laughing.

“So, at what time does this event expire?” Alex asked wonderingly.

        “Y’know…” there was a pause. “Today.”

“What?! At what time?” he asked suprised.

        “Five hours from now.”

“Oh,” Alex said relieved.

        It was a little quiet from then on as they ate their pocky. Amy smiled as she looked at Alex take each bite as if it may be his last.

        “What car do you want to take?” Alex asked. Amy wasn’t the only rich one. It was just that Alex was rich in a different subject, automotive vehicles. Alex owned four different cars. The first was a 2009 Mustang GT with the GT emblem attached to the back. The second was a Mercedes-Benz CLK-GTR which was built in 2003. Alex still bought add-ons for the car such as roof-scoops, spoilers, and side events.

        Okay, well, looks who’s lucky. ^^ You all got caught up to page 10 of the Prologue. I bet you all must be charmed.Yep, charmed, I’m sure. Well, that’s the whole first ten pages of the Prologue of, “The Mayan Chronicles.” Laterz…


The Rest of Page 6?

June 6, 2010

I just realized I over use the word alright when it comes to opening these posts. o.o”’ Heheh, other than that I apologize that not all of page 6 made it up a while ago. I had just updated QuickTime to number 7 and it required that my internet shut down. I didn’d do it so I could keep typing page 6 so it forced it off. That’s an interesting feature for QuickTime. O.O Well, anyway. Thanks for reading. And here is the rest of page 6, hopefully. If I feel like it I might add in Page 7 in this update of might do it later. Just depends on how I’m feeling right now. So, check it out.

        …She peaked out from under the covers and Alex didn’t waste the chance. He pulled the sheets back quickly.

        Alex tickled Amy and she giggled just that one way Alex liked so much. It always made him smile. He stopped for a couple of seconds allowing Amy to get out of the bed. She stood up and went to the center of her room.

        So how do I look?” she asked hoping for another great review. She posed at several different angles as if she were on the runway of a fashion show. She had a t-shirt on that said, “RiOT” and a pair of blue denim booty shorts on. It wasn’t revealing and it wasn’t too long. They were just right. Her crew cut socks were gray and she was wearing a new pair of shoes that looked stylish and very expensive.

        “You look great, honey,” Alex said happily looking her over from head to toe.

        “Well, thank you very much,” Amy said pleased with the response she had received. All of a sudden she remembered something she was going to tell Alex. She pondered over it for a minute trying to remember what it was she was going to tell him. She finally remembered and Alex looked at her wondering what she was thinking.

        “Alex, guess what?” Amy said enthusiastically.

“What?” Alex responded.

        “I won a sweepstakes event! You and I get to go to New York!” she said practically yelling.

        “Wow! That’s great!” he said unable to contain his excitement.

“I know! Lucky us, it says, ‘Have to be 18-year of age or older to participate in this event.'” Amy kisses Alex out of excitement then slid a jacket on.

        Okay, there were pages 6 & 7 of, “The Mayan Chronicles.” For those of you who are reading I thank you and to those who are copying it and going to try to publish it for the credit, well. This is copyright protected. I’ve already contacted a publisher about the book so, I’m safeguarded, if you know what that is.

        Another note, sorry about the errors. I don’t spell check these on the site. Well, once again, thanks for the support.


Prologue- Page 6

June 5, 2010

Alright, here is the 6th page of the Prologue of, “The Mayan Chronicles.” Enjoy!

        She covered herself quickly then froze as if Alex wouldn’t know where she was.

        “I know where you are, Amy,” Alex said smiling, amused.

        “I don’t care! Don’t look at me! I look terrible!” came the reply. As far as Alex knew she couldn’t look terrible. She always looked good no matter what she put on.

        Believe it or not this was actually another routine. This on required both of them. Amy never though she looked good enough for Alex. Alex sat on the edge of the bed and just looked around at her large room acting as if he were just observing it for the first time. This stumped Amy. She peaked out from under the covers


Prologue- Time for Page 5

June 2, 2010

Alright…. I know it’s been a while since the last time I posted, but there have been…. a lot going on lately. For one, my mom has been rushed to the hospital. In fact, that was two minutes ago. I think I’m writing this to help deal with the stress of whether she’ll live or not. Well, eh, here comes page 5…

        …pieces of alarm clock, and got a new one out of the closet placing it on the stand beside her bed. Alex and Amy both had that similar habit.

        Ding! Ding! Amy’s doorbell went off warning her that Alex had reached the front door and was now patiently waiting. She only had her under garments on, but he wasn’t the most patient man in Emerald City. She ran down the stairs as fast as she could then made her way to the door quickly.

        Amy opened the door, pulled Alex in, closed the door and ran back up the stairs. Alex wasn’t too suprised. Little things like this happened pretty often, at least once a week. Amy didn’t wake up in time or forgot he was coming over even though he came over every day.

        Alex headed over to the elecator casually. The elevator was right next to the stairs, but he had been hiking and was taking a nice break. He took the elevator up to the second floor. Ding! The doors slid open as Amy was looking through her dresser drawers. She was looking for something hot yet cool, tom-boysih yet flashy, but not too revealing.

        As soon as Alex headed to the room Amy saw him and squaled jumping into the safety of the covers of her bed.

        Alright, sorry I couldn’t use more of my stress and type another page or two, but my sister wants on so bad. Ugh… -_-”’ I feel so wired right, not weird, wired. Wired tight. I almost feel like I’m gonna puke, but laterz…


Prologue- Pages 3 & 4

May 23, 2010

        Alright, if you are reading this update it is probably because you have found my blog site where I will be posting my book, “The Mayan Chronicles” before I get it published. This is merely to get reviews and find out what others think of it before I send it to a publisher. Sooo… Let me know what you think. Oh yeah! One more thing… Here’s page 3 of the prologue:

        Alex had heard enough. He knew the day was going to get pretty hot. That was all he needed to know. Heading down the side of the mountain Alex saw a deer, but only as it fled to safety elsewhere in the woods. As soon as Alex got back to the house he dropped off the backpack and heard a metallic, “clink!” as the bag hit the floor.

        Alex ran back outside and walked along the sidewalk. Every morning after his hike he went over to his girlfriends house. Her name was Amy and she was the cutest thing under the sun, in Alex’s opinion anyway. He didn’t really care that most people viewed her as a rich snob. Alex saw the side of her no one else knew existed, the sweet side.

        The reason she was snobbish to most people was because her dad was an oil industry tycoon. He was now richer than Bill Gates and could easily build an American Dubai five times over. He was a smart man and was going bald from stress, but his knoledge surpassed his looks. He knew when and where to invest money and then what to do with it to make more. He was a verygenerous, kind man and frequently donated thousands of dollars to Africa and other third-world countries who needed the money badly.

        Amy’s mom however, had taken about ten  thousand dollars from her dad and divorced him due to irreconcilable differences. She later re-married to one of those men who just seem to be perfect and stay that way.

        Alex was just about to Amy’s house. He could see her large, ten-acre property that her dad had left to her. She lived in an overly-sized, two-story house with an indoor and outdoor pool. It also had a basketball court on the first floor near the back of the house. Amy and Alex talked about things privately in the basketball court while playing.

        The back of the house faced a grape vineyard. It wasn’t used to make wine. The vineyard was simply for eating fresh grapes that weren’t heavily sprayed with pesticides.

        Bring! Bring! Br-Bang! Amy shot out of bed quickly, her heart thumping. She knew she was late. She stumbled over the broken pieces of alarm clock over to the open window. Shoot! Alex was already on his way over. She could see him walking along the sidewalk to her front gate.

        Amy got dressed hurriedly, threw away the…

Alright there were pages three and four of, “The Mayan Chronicles.” I’ll be posting more soon. Stay tuned in!


The Mayan Chronicles- Page 2

May 22, 2010

        Alright. Here is page 2 of my book, The Mayan Chronicles. Enjoy!

        Alex stopped daydreaming and retrieved his backpack from the corner of the closet. Every morning Alex had a routine that he followed minute by minute. He packed his black backpack full of everything that could possibly be considered hiking gear then he would jog up the mountain side behind his house and back down without a single break. Since it kept him fit he turned it into a routine.

        While jogging up the mountain Alex noted many squirrels running around and an occasional hawk sitting high in a tree guarding her nest from scavengers. The sun lit up the hill and Alex decided to see how the day was going to turn out. While he was hiking he took out his MP3 player and tuned into a radio station. He caught the weather just in time.

        “Today’s weather is going to reach a high of eighty-five degrees and we will be seeing clear skies for the rest of the week. Summer is coming fast so don’t wait too long to get your air conditioners at the ready. Tomorrow we’ll be seeing a low of only thirty degrees and a high of about ninety degrees and…”

        Ok, readers, thanks for stopping by and reading page two of The Mayan Chronicles. I have the Prologue finished now at twenty pages long, wow. Well, get ready because I’ll be posting more soon! Laterz…


The First Glimpse- 05/16/10

May 16, 2010

Alright, readers. Here is the first glimpse of my new book, “The Mayan Chronicles” which is still under development. I hope you enjoy!

The Mayan Chronicles

A novel by: Bluegenesis

Bring! Bring! Br-boom! Alex blinked staring straight up at the white ceiling. Instead of lying there for an hour talking to himself, he raised out of bed and put on the clothes he had laid out the night before. After doing so he put the revolver back on the stand beside his bed and then cleaned up the hundreds of tiny pieces of alarm clock lying around the floor.

        He opened the blinds slowly, adjusting to the light before pulling the string making them rise. He opened the window and felt a gentle breeze against his skin that seemed to give him a new strength. A strength that made him feel like he could do anything.

        The suns rays shined into the room heating it slowly. It felt great to be a teenager. The only problem was the lack of adventure from living in a small city. There was no hiking through spooky forests or anything else interesting. There was only the hustle and bustle of the city. Stuff like that only happened in Hollywood nowadays.

        Alright, sorry that that is all I will be posting for now. I have about six pages of the Prologue already written, but I gotta keep you coming back some how, heh. I’ll be posting new pieces of the book here about once a week. If it takes longer I’m just being lazy, take a nice break and be patient.


Hey Everyone! Update for 05/06/10

May 6, 2010

The Prologue is coming around quite nicely. If I keep up on it, the Prologue should be up on the site within a week. If you have any questions comment and I’ll get to you or you can e-mail me at nexgen94@yahoo.com Laterz!


A New Beginning

May 2, 2010

Alright, ladies and gents, the newest post today is basically just to mention that I have a small bit of the Prologue for The Mayan Chronicles finished. When I finish the Prologue itself I will upload it here for all of you to read. Just so you get to know me a little better I was born in the state of Washington and our family has moved a lot. I have seen more states than most will get to see. I live in Oklahoma currently and miss hiking through mountains, but this’ll do. We are once again moving soon, we don’t know where though. I am 16 and b-day is on January 11 for those of you who would like to wish me a happy birthday. I’m open for comments and always looking for new friends. I can be contacted at nexgen94@yahoo.com if you would like to say anything. I’m all ears. My book, The Mayan Chronicles, is an adventure story with a bit of romance in it. I lost inspiration half-way through, but have recently revamped the storyline to give it a nice twist. By the time I am done with book one, I will already have ideas for book two. Mostly, because I already have the ideas jotted down around here somewhere. Alright, well, enjoy!